Many ask me "What do you do?"

Alexandra Torres | Team Leader & Real Estate Agent


I have been surrounded by homes my entire life. My father, Carlos Torres, was one of Houston's Top 25 Realtors and a mortgage broker. My Grandfather built several apartments in Nicaragua, and as an adult, I attended The Art Institute of Houston and received my BFA in Interior Design. 


At the age of 17, I "officially" became my dad's personal assistant although it started many years prior. Since the age of six (6), I followed my dad on showings and watched how he managed his business. I paid close attention to how he built relationships with his clients and negotiated his deals. My dad closed approximately $35-40 million in residential sales a year! You can say I had a great mentor/teacher. 


My passion for design began while working with my Father as I took on creating all of his marketing collateral. During college, I studied to become a Real Estate Agent in order to continue helping him and in November of 2008, I became a licensed Agent. Eventually, I began to help him show houses and fill out his sales contracts.


In 2009, I graduated from The Art Institute during the recession and decided to start my own company Strands of Silver Co.  My original thought was to practice as an Interior Designer. Life, as you know, would have a different turn of events. People saw my brand, Strands of Silver Co., and began to hire me to create their brands, websites, marketing collateral and more. This is how Strands of Silver Co. evolved into a Design Agency which now supports Arise Realty Group and many other businesses! 


For years I continued to work for other small business owners in dual role positions but always within the confinement of the Real Estate Industry. In 2017, I decided to finally merge my two passions together in order to help people design their ideal lifestyle through Arise Realty Group.